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The Lion And The Mouse

the loin and the mouse

Once there lived a lion in a forest. One afternoon he was fast asleep under a shady tree. There was a hole in the mouse near the trunk of the tree. By chance, the mouse climbed over the body of the lion. It disturbed the lion's sleep. He woke up and caught the mouse in his paw. He was about to kill the mouse when it said, "O king of the forest! Spare my life. One day I will be of some use to you. The lion smiled, took pity on it, and let it go. A few days later the same lion was caught in a hunter's net. He tried hard to free himself but in vain. He roared furiously. The same mouse heard his roar and ran to the place where the lion was caught in the net. It began to nibble the ropes with its sharp teeth. Before long it cut all the ropes and set the lion free. The lion thanked it and disappeared into the forest.

The moral of the Story is:

Do good and have good.
As you sow, so shall you reap.
Virtue is its reward.
Make as many friends as you can
Forgiveness is the best way to get revenge.

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