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The Ant And The Cricket 

The Ant and the cricket

It was downtime season. It had rained and decolorized. A cricket, who hadn't saved anything for his adverse days, lay starving in his home. At last, he came out on a hunt for some food to satisfy his hunger. But, to his maximum dismay, he couldn't find indeed a morsel of food or a blade of lawn. He was tired, wet, and shivering from a terrible cold wave. He went home with an ant. The door was opened and the cricket entered." Yes?" said the ant." You see." said the cricket," I'm wet and empty. Will you give me some food? Take the word of a gentleman that I shall return it to you." The ant has moved with pity." This house," said she," is yours, but you see we ants no way advance and no way adopt. But did you not save anything in the spring?" No, no, I replied the cricket." The rainfall was so nice, I sang," Oh you sang!" Said the ant," Did you? Well, dance downtime down!" So, in a veritably polite manner, the ant turned to spring?" No,

The Moral of the Story is:

Those who live without work must learn to live without food.
One must save commodities for stormy days.

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